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Our Vision

Be the partner of choice for clinicians, researchers & policymakers seeking to enhance the management, control & prevention of infectious diseases

Our Mission

Inspire clinical microbiologists to excel in their professional practice & propagate knowledge of infectious diseases amongst the masses

About Society of Clinical Microbiologists

A Clinical Microbiologist is an MD, a medical specialist in infectious disease diagnosis. We, at the Society of Clinical Microbiologists, are a group of MD Microbiologists practicing in the private sector, who report on laboratory tests that deal with diagnosing various infectious diseases and managing infection control practices in various healthcare settings.

The Society of Clinical Microbiologists is a professional platform for Sharing Knowledge & Experiences: addressing day-to-day diagnostic dilemmas, quenching the ever-growing academic thirst, promoting team-building among clinical microbiologists, educating the common public & contributing to the overall development in the field of clinical microbiology.

Our organizational objectives are to safeguard professional interests of clinical microbiologists and to safeguard them from opposing external agencies and from legal liabilities. Our plan is to play an important role in tackling epidemics and pandemics. Further, we plan to facilitate multi-centric evaluation studies for investigational kits and equipments and to validate and publish results of such evaluations. We, as an association, would like to opine on infection outbreaks and liaise with Government agencies in their fight against endemic infections. 

As for our social objectives, we wish to propagate knowledge of clinical microbiology to common people, to educate them regarding infection prevention practices and to allay fears and myths regarding infections during outbreaks while simultaneously creating confidence in Infection control practices.

Within the association, we will work to promote team-building and social interaction among clinical microbiologists. We will also share professional experiences and discuss interesting cases with peers through Journal clubs, conferences, academic meetings, etc. We plan to maintain a library for ready references in which esteemed journal publications and books will be available for members. Furthermore, we intend to contribute to Clinical trials relating to infections and generate publications in esteemed journals.

Our long term educational objectives are to propagate and share knowledge with juniors by providing grants, books, etc. to students of clinical microbiology. We plan to grant them scholarships and provide them a platform to showcase their talents.We also plan to promote promising candidates in their research programs to promote research and development in the field of clinical microbiology.

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