Femboy – what-is-it? What does it mean?

A femboy try individuals under thirty years who is biologically male that displays https://datingranking.net/nl/dabble-overzicht/ by themselves in a (very) feminine manner, through her conduct and physical appearance, or in a manner that could generally getting thought to be elegant or effeminate. Femboys are typically within the age of 30, although this just isn’t a hard prerequisite.


Femboy try a contraction of ‘fem’ from ‘feminine’ or ‘female’ and boy. Additional terminology for femboys tend to be tomboy, rosboy, or calicogirl, for girls who determine as femboys. A femboy is usually anyone under three decades that is naturally male, frequently youthful boys or a teenager male individual, even though this is certainly not fundamentally the truth. Femboys may present themselves femininely unconditionally. The way in which femboys do so, generally, is via the direction they dress – often choosing generally babes’ clothes. A femboy furthermore typically presents extensive feminine actions in how they talking, act, and behave around other individuals. As such, the definition of femboy relates to someone’s sex presentation, perhaps not her sex identification. Are a femboy isn’t necessarily indicative of one’s gender personality or sex. Also remember not every femboy gift suggestions considerable elegant mannerisms and not all femboys always use clothes made for females.


The definition of femboy starts during the 1990s and was actually originally made use of as a derogatory phase. As a derogatory name, it actually was usually used to describe male corner dressers, boys which usually recommended femininely, or any male person who demonstrated effeminate symptoms in a single’s sexuality. From there, specifically in the 2010s, the phrase has arrived to keep a far more good meaning, making use of the LGBT area taking on the word as a kind of sex term, a great deal in the same manner as keyword “gay.” In 2017, a femboy flag was created to bolster the portrayal of femboys in a positive light. However, to this day, sadly, the definition of is still usually used in combination with a derogatory definition to make enjoyable of (young) males or others who is naturally male yet current womanliness, therefore become alert to exactly how, with whom, plus which context make use of the definition of.

Flag and icons

As stated before, the femboy flag was created in 2017, even though it is certainly not certain by who. The light blue for the banner refers to the “(young) boy-ness” or masculinity in a femboy. Concurrently, there can be singular stripe of light blue, to demonstrate that the individual does not feeling a stronger link with the masculine section of a person’s sex character. Both green band relate to femininity, “girl-ness” or perhaps feminine presentation, and is on both sides externally because it is usually the initial thing associated with femboys (through apparel or behavior). The white band represent transgender, non-binary, along with other femboys.


As mentioned above, being a femboy frequently provides additional regarding gender presentation than with personality, sex, or any other sexuality-related identifications. This means that one will often promote themselves as feminine, though they don’t diagnose as female, much like a cross-dresser. Some people imagine a femboy is often a lady transsexual but that isn’t the way it is. Due to this fact, there is no one standard pair of pronouns for femboys. As an alternative, be aware and sincere of any individual’s choice, and don’t think!

Though it just isn’t immediately connected with pronouns, its productive to mention that femboys may including boys, women, or anyone else; the term states small about your sex, and thus femboys is homosexual men, bisexual, become into women, or fall anywhere else in the LGBT spectrum.

Am I a femboy?

A lot of biologically male men and women determine their attraction with female apparel, (thorough) feminine actions, and various other effeminate conduct at a (very) young age. Although female conduct just isn’t necessarily indicative of being a femboy, the elegant manner this behavior may progress may say anything concerning your attraction using femboy artistic.

Reversely, never assume all femboys always use apparel made for women or behave in a (very) feminine manner from a (very) early age; it could also be only 1 of the two. This attitude might be displayed merely in one’s kids, as an instance. Also, it is likely that a male initiate using women’s garments in their kids or later, although nonetheless generally underneath the chronilogical age of 30.

Just how to support femboys

End up being good to femboys! There is a large number of hateful communities online that can discover a new child dress femininely and bully them because of it. Remember that words including “get across bureau,” “femboys” and/or “gay (kids)” as an insult. You’ll be an on-line ally by contacting aside this type of behaviour. You may also help femboys online and the feminine means this conduct could make all of them feel comfortable.

In your immediate circles, getting nice to and understanding of femboys the same exact way you would certainly be to the girl or boy – gay, bisexual or of every various other sex – cross-dressers, or any other member of the LGBT area. Take into account that feminine conduct is likely to be displayed only when somebody is actually comfy this!

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