Jake and Susan very first fulfilled inside the “Susan Strong,” in which its relationships try very friendly

Within the “The good Bird Man,” Jake shows he’d an ex-wife (whose called try revealed to get Nickname within the “Daddy-Daughter Credit Battles”) in advance of Females Rainicorn. Jake notes you to she is the one that educated your just how to read Braille. In “Daddy-Daughter Card Conflicts,” Jake reunites along with her and you will Grand Prix, initiating these to his daughter, Charlie. She still has friendly thoughts on the Jake.


The brand new Squirrel considers Jake his challenger, because Jake didn’t publish brand new Squirrel’s letter on press. However, Jake doesn’t seem to think of just who the fresh new Squirrel is. Into the “The fresh new Duke,” the newest Squirrel (and the Marquis out-of Wild) attacks Jake (and additionally Finn) from the Grand Fulfilling off Ooo Royalty (which nonetheless dont contemplate who the brand new Squirrel try). He returns at the conclusion of “Little princess Potluck” when he efficiently moves Jake with an arrow, when you find yourself yelling, “You Guy Off A good BLEEP-BLOB. JAKE. ” proving which he still has maybe not acquired prior his grudge.

Freeze King

The moments Jake additionally the Ice King is along with her, they are often enemies, once the seen in “The brand new Sight” in which Jake tries to overcome him within the battle. Although not, for the “Holly Jolly Gifts Region II” it’s created one to both Finn and Jake had “a fleeting moment from sympathy” to have your. In the “Holly Jolly Gifts Area I,” this new event early in the day, the brand new Ice King claims “You know how Jake is actually: ‘stretch that it extend one to,’ blah!” implying you to definitely Jake’s overall performance is actually instead unpleasant so you’re able to your. He was as well as hitched in order to Jake from inside the “Whenever Relationships Bells Thaw,” but got solitary at the end of brand new event.


Inside the “My Two Favourite Some body,” Jake phone calls upwards a son named Tiffany and you can pretends becoming close friends that have your in an attempt to acquire Finn and you can People Rainicorn jealous out of him. But once Jake accounts for that have Ladies, Finn matches Tiffany and you will spits towards the your, leading to Tiffany to hightail it screaming. Before leaving, he vows that he tend to still be Jake’s closest friend. The guy came back inside the “A final Occupations” where it was found the guy stays in a run down shack, in which the guy idolizes Jake, and had previously been section of Jake’s old gang. Whenever Jake calls him right back, he generally seems to must nevertheless be Jake’s companion. Jake, however, nevertheless will not such as for instance your, specially when Tiffany betrays your. Tiffany try shown to be passive-aggressively obsessed with Jake, always spouting monologues about how Jake tend to bow to help you him, yet pathetically wishing Jake’s relationship. Jake primarily looks creeped out by which.

Banana Boy

When Jake had a great Croak Fantasy for the Banana Son in it, he was afraid of the Banana Man at first. As Jake expanded to accept dying, his hate of your Banana Child minimized. Jake believes which he and Banana Son is actually destined to see once again when Finn is not doing, in the event he performed satisfy Banana Son again inside “We Fixed a truck” with Finn becoming indeed there.

Susan Strong

not, shortly after Susan Good tried to eat the fresh new Chocolate Kingdom, Jake starts to think she’s in love as shown inside “Beautopia.” Jake usually repeats one to she is nuts to help you Finn from the occurrence, and employs Susan and Finn so you’re able to bother and you will disturb them.


Gareth is an integral part of Jake’s old group because discussed inside the “Your final Work.” Gareth suggests greater interest in providing their practical riches, in place of enabling his “buddy.”

Flying Lettuce Brothers

The totally free farmers dating sites UK Traveling Lettuce Brothers had been section of Jake’s old group given that discussed within the “A final Occupations.” The newest brothers tell you higher respect into Jake, getting in touch with him “the property owner.” Nevertheless, it nevertheless finish betraying him.

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