Not all words are utilized by the all the communities/campuses

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Coach – An enthusiastic alumnus otherwise alumna affiliate just who serves as a resource to have the newest productive chapter and you may liaison amongst the alums and you can collegians.

User – To participate with an organisation. Colonies petition national groups to user together. An associate exactly who changes schools can also affiliate on the part at their/the woman the new university.

Badge – Also known as a pin, it is an item of jewellery supplied to participants upon initiation. The new badge is going to be used anyway formal characteristics, and you will upon a participants passing, it needs to be gone back to this new sorority or fraternity head office. This new badge need to be used with business-including dresses, constantly over the cardio and above all almost every other pins.

Bid – An invitation to participate an enthusiastic IFC fraternity or NPC sorority. He could be given out during specialized employment (into Bid Big date having sororities, any time until the avoid away from authoritative employment getting fraternities). The brand new NPHC and you may NALFO/NMGC procedure does not include bids.

Bid Date – The last day’s recruitment in which prospective the fresh new participants receive specialized invitations to become listed on a great sorority.

Big – Nickname having your government or sibling, a coach allotted to a fellow member. Of a lot communities have unique names for these pairings.

Brand – Organizational symbol(s) burnt for the users, always toward hands otherwise breasts. Describes scarification skilled by the African tribes.

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Call/Chant – A scream utilized mainly from the NPHC groups (although some NIC, NPC, NALFO, NMGC and local orgs has actually phone calls also). Regularly pick and you can enjoy siblings. Emulating a trip/chant is actually a sign of disrespect.

Chapter – A branch from a nationwide sorority, based at an university. For every will get their label, usually designated by Greek characters.

Section Mentor – A keen alumnus which serves as a coach to your section subscription and you will recommends officers on every section businesses.

Part Family – A property to the university where people in the firm reside. Only a few campuses keeps part house. Particular features designated room provided to for every single fraternity or sorority called Section Bedroom, otherwise yet another quarters hallway in which for every single classification gets the floor.

School Panhellenic (CPH) – College Panhellenic associations try created with the campuses in which you will find in the least several NPC user classification sections. Often known as CPC (University Panhellenic Council/Conference).

Marketing was a volunteer process, perhaps not a dependence on subscription

Colony – A special company which is waiting around for specialized identification from their federal to own a chapter into the an university.

Continuous Discover Putting in a bid – Known as COB. In the event the a good sorority doesn’t achieve the deductible membership overall during the formal employment or if they don’t really rating quota, they might keep a laid-back employment and offer bids to help you prospective the fresh new professionals.

Crest – Insignia employed by fraternity otherwise sorority members. Very Greek teams put aside the crest getting initiated players merely. Each crest features invisible, miracle meanings trailing they. Also known as a jacket from arms otherwise secure.

Entered – The time on what a part affiliate crossed towards a beneficial fraternity otherwise sorority being a working representative. Always, an expression found in culturally-built Greek teams.

Cross Pledging – Get across pledging is defined as enabling users regarding some other company (fraternity and/otherwise sorority) to access, matter, promise, have been in physical get in touch with, etcetera. having prospective this new professionals out of your providers.

Slash – Whenever good sorority doesn’t receive a lady back to engage inside fellow member factors, and/or prospective fellow member doesn’t come back to a beneficial household she try anticipate to help you.

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